Tips When You Have Angular Chelitis

What do you do if you have angular chelitis?

A person having angular chelitis is advised to drink a cold beverage which has the tendency to numb the mouth and momentarily relieve discomfort, eating of soft cold foods which will not irritate the open sore while highly recommended for the painful corner sores, and the refitting of ill fitting dentures or braces which may cause these mouth ulcers. Non-wearing of the braces for a certain amount of time should also be considered when you have confirmed that the braces or dentures are the cause of angular chelitis.

Another tip for persons with angular chelitis is the rinsing of the mouth with dilute hydrogen peroxide which is an effective sanitizer. A solution of one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a glass of water is also considered a reliable sanitizer. Avoiding sugar or sweet foods is a must since sugar adds to the discomfort brough about by angular chelitis. Drinking of a lot of water will more than help in preventing the condition to worsen. Rubbing of piece of cucumber and the application of aloe vera on the affected area can also help in relieving the effects of angular chelitis.

A very important tip for persons with angular chelitis is for the person to first know the cause of this condition before applying a remedy. Small pockets of skin formed in the edges of the mouth which does not close properly are most likely a result of wearing ill fitting dentures. If you think that you significantly lack certain minerals and vitamins in your body, then angular chelitis may be a result of nutritional deficiency. Chewing and sucking habits may also cause angular chelitis and one known cure for angular chelitis due to these habits is the use of a bitter tasting liquid that serves as nail biting deterrent. Remember as well that crack lip corners that have not fully developed or are just starting to appear can be naturally healed.

Small mouth movement by persons with angular chelitis can still cause too much pain and one cure that can provide instant relief for the pain is the application of a thick layer of petroleum jelly or unperfumed lip salve around the affected surface. The substance can stop the cracking temporarily and can provide much needed relief even though instant healing is not ensured. Just make sure the brand of petroleum jelly used and unperfumed lip salve does not contain chemicals that may worsen the situation but instead natural ingredients.

Some reminders or tips for persons that have angular chelitis is about the bacteria that causes this infection. The bacteria thrives well in damp and warm conditions and the corners of the lips provide the perfect environment for the bacteria to survive. This can be avoided by avoiding the direct causes which lead to the formation of an area which will keep the mouth moist. The affected area should be allowed to dry up and should be combined with the effective hygiene routine.